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Is Ebuka, the Big Brother Naija Host the hottest fashion god in Nigeria?

Is Ebuka, the Big Brother Naija Host the hottest fashion god in Nigeria?
Is Ebuka, the Big Brother Naija Host the hottest fashion god in Nigeria?
Is Ebuka the best-dressed celebrity in Nigeria?
Who is Ebuka Obi-Uchendu’s designer


Clothes and Personality(matching your clothes to your mood)

Fashion is not just about your style, choice of clothing, the kind of clothes you wear, or the right size with accessories. It’s always related to everyday topics, from mood to colours to portraying yourself rightly. This is why we at fashion loaded are working around the clock to create beautiful content that talks about …

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Some benefits of colours and the correct methods of matching colours

We all love to dress and accessories. Therefore every bit that we put on our bodies is undoubtedly a fashion choice. The last time we talked about colours. A brief introduction on colour, types and classes was given. Today, we will be talking about some benefits of colors and the correct methods of matching colours …

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Encyclopedia of shoes (Ladies)

Early this week we talked about the benefits of wearing footwear. We would take a look at the types of ladies’ footwear. Varieties of women’s shoes Sky-high boots Knee-high boots Wellington boots Loafer Canvas Crocs Timberland boots Sneakers Gladiators Bondage boots Wedge Mules Sledge Stilettos Kitten heels Platform Flip flops Ballet flats Flip-flops Flip flop …

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Evolution of Fashion from tribes in Nigeria

Attires from Nigeria are unique, and this is because it has always been passed continuously from generation to generation. Nigeria is made up of about 371 ethnic groups hence the diverse cultural attire. Nigeria is a country located in West Africa and with proven facts   the most populous black nation in the world. In Africa, …


The Brotherhood Movie Premiere

Jewel Aieda, Lagos, which was the venue of the premiere of the much anticipated Nollywood movie “Brotherhood” was the center of attraction, just on Friday 16th September 2022. Not only was it a night about the celebrities in attendance, but also the creative attires that were on display, in accordance with the Ojuju (masquerade)theme, of …

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The Nigerian Traditional wear – Agbada

There are many opinions as to where this attire originated from or what ethnic group it traditionally belongs to. However, there is no doubt that this attire has warmed its way up to being, not only a classy reputable wear, but a must have for special events, especially in the south western part and northern …

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