5 Reasons why you should Fashion as One (Couple inspired)

Ever thought of why people wear same/ matching outfits as their partners? Never had any reason to rock matching outfits with your partner? This Article is certainly for you. Fashioned as One. we got you covered.

Every Romeo and Juliet have their lovely and most cherished moments in their relationship sometimes. Such, apart from being expressed emotionally can be expressed through matching fashion outfits as well. Couples or intending Couples wear matching outfits to show commitment and style. There are lots of trending couple outfits and “yes” it’s certainly worth the hype.

Here are Six Reasons why you should wear matching outfits with your partner.

Portrays Unity and Togetherness: We’ve all heard this saying ‘ a couple that prays together stays together’ Fashion inspired, ‘a couple that fashions as one stays together‘ Matching outfits is a way of showing or promoting commitment in a relationship. It’s one of the reasons Celebrities wear matching outfits to show they are unified as one.

Reveals Relationship Personality: It’s proves that both individuals regardless of their differences are coordinated as one and are both enjoying harmony in a relationship. It shows that such couples are in a loving relationship and understands each other likes and dislike, also help deepen your relationship with your partner leading to growth. Matching Outfits with your partner may increase that special bond you have for your partner especially when you see them almost dressed up like you.

Fun: It shows that the couple is open and willing to try out new things together. Some Couple try new matching Outfits, take shots with them and upload on social media platforms, enjoying comments,likes and shares especially when the outfit is trendy. This is so popular with celebrity couples. Couples catch fun by enjoying gestures from passers by, criticizing and complimenting each other looks. This can in turn lead to a deepened connectivity between couples.

Attract attention/Easy Identification: Couples who dress in matching outfits are uniquely spotted in a crowd and are easily identified as taken or being in a relationship. It can also showcase you as the hosts of the event when you and your partner decide to organize one.

Territoriality: Remember all that Biology courtship related topic about animals and their courtship behaviors. The Butterfly dances, peacock feathers, coloration used to display ownership of a mate or land properties etc. Matching outfits shows a form of territorialism where your are identified with your partner and sends out a warning apparel to ward off Invaders. More like showing claims to your partners . It’s funny but it’s true.

Couples outfits is no new thing it’s dates as back as the Olden Times where Married people wore matching attires for show their uniqueness.

There is a list of Couples inspired outfit put together here by fashion loaded. Click here


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