9 Things To Never Ever Wear To a Nigerian Wedding.

Nigerian Weddings are colorful and Exciting. Now, imagine being dressed to one looking very silly, broke and desperate. That’s really not a good impression, is it?

Wearing an unfit dress plus wrong accessories to a wedding would totally be a write off. Although some weddings require dress codes others may not. This is why it’s very essential to attend a wedding looking elegant and very polite to your host, the couple.

These are 9 things you should Never Ever Wear to a Nigerian Wedding.

A Long White Gown: Wearing a long white gown to a Nigerian Wedding sounds somewhat not chic to me. Oh Please! It’s not your moment at that particular time so why shine( I might be tempted to put a laughing emoji here). Honestly, I think wearing a white dress to a wedding would make you look very ” attention catching” Imagine trying not to get stained or not trying to socialize so you don’t get dirty. You should totally Avoid this.

Jeans Trousers on shirts: You aren’t going for a walk or a random get together event and I’m sure you won’t wear it to a presentation. Please, This is really inappropriate for a Nigerian Wedding. Most people seen on Jeans and shirts at a Nigerian Wedding are wedding servers or waiters either on their customized shirts or a selected matching T-shirt. Did you flinch? Yes?it’s just too casual.
Tip: You can always wear a stylish Jean with an Ankara Top.

Over Sophisticated Dresses: I call this the ” I be the Koko kind of dressing” there is no need to practice show off at a wedding you didn’t organize. That would be putting you at the centre of the gossips and attractions you may not want. Leave all the sophistication to the Hosts.

Ripped Clothes: Be it ripped Jeans, Tops, or Jackets no matter how fashionable never wear these to a Nigerian wedding. These are more appropriate for a street fashion carnival.

Black Clothes: I personally love black clothes but weddings are celebrations not a mourning party. If you need to wear black do match it with other colored outfit. Do you know? Colors adds life to a celebration too and lifts the mood of the event. Colorful dresses are a total yes.

Too revealing dresses: This would not make a good impression on the hosts and even other guest. I once attended a wedding and a lady was sent back home for inappropriate dressing. Too avoid such embarrassment, please ensure you wear an outfit that is not too revealing.

Six inch heels or more; This reminds me of a zigzag walking step I saw sometime ago in a skit. Five inches might be cool to you but six is way too much. These heels may cause discomfort, sprain and foot pains and is hard to walk with on some surfaces.

Extreme Make up: Wearing too much makeup to a Nigerian wedding is a big NO. No matter how exciting make up is to you, please avoid this

Flip-flops/slippers: This has got to be the most embarrassing of them all. They are what you wear at home. Its so not polite to wear a flip flop to a wedding. A stylish sandal would do.

However,the main goal is looking pretty and presentable to your host and other guests. Do it with Confidence.

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