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African trending clothes 2022

This is the middle of the year and a lot of styles have trended and literally come and go but we still have lots and lots of trends to pick from. That’s the thing about fashion, it’s very much allowed to rewear styles as far as it looks chic and comfortable.

Here are some clothes still trending in 2022 and I’ve talked about some in detail in the previous blog posts. Don’t worry, I have included some links so you can get familiar with these posts.


Originally is not an African attire but Japanese. Well, it seems fashion really gets handy and equally colorful when touches the shores of Africa. The kimono is a common trend and is used as an after-wear.


Remember the Mo Luxury Brand featured on this blog some weeks back? We talked about Kaftan being very common in Africa and can likely be said a fashion signature. If you don’t have Kimonos I wonder what you are waiting for. You should read up



Peplum tops or gowns are really easy to rock and can be styled on Jeans, plain trousers, skirts, or even gowns.


One thing I love about corsets is the tightness. It doesn’t mean yours must be tight. Just get style it till you get comfortable. Read about Corsets.

Asoebi Corsets,A Fascinating Asoebi Trend.


Laces are reoccurring trending outfits I.e it never gets old. As far as it is in Africa. This is because laces are accepted suitable for a lot of occasions in Africa especially weddings or things that have to do with culture. Read more on Laces

Lace Fabrics, A Necessity.

DIY styles

Last year on fashion loaded blog a beautiful Nigerian designer, Ifechukwu Flora showed us how to style fabrics in 8 different ways in a bid to save cost. These DIY styles always come in handy when you’ve run out of ideas.

Meet Ifechukwu Flora, a Nigerian Designer from Orlu Imo state that styled her fabric in 8 beautiful ways, and guess what? She looks just stunning in them

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