All you need to know about Ankara bags

Bags are accessories that come in handy for carrying important things which may sometimes include makeup, money, some formal document, and other accessories temporarily. Although the primary reason for carrying a bag is to carry and store items, it’s undeniable that bags make up a huge rebranding and exists as a fashion idea that tends to complete any outfit. Bags come in diverse colors, shapes, and sizes and are worn occasionally to different events.
The African Ankara printed bag is a bag made from Ankara fabrics. As we all know, Ankara is the bedrock of inspiring African fashion trends and is widely used across the world for making different trendy outfits and footwear (This would be covered. Please follow fashion loaded for more gist on Ankara footwear).
When talking about bags, one is bound to assume it’s majorly a feminine accessory but that’s a very wrong assumption because bags are used by both sexes. The question should be “which bag is perfect and suitable for men or women” Ankara print bags are always classy and looks beautiful when styled with that perfect outfit giving out a sense of confidence and belonging.

Here are some type of Ankara bag and  how they look.They come in different types and designs.

The Ankara print purse: This is a very populary purse used largely by women. It’s very fashionable although it barely holds much. It comes in handy when attending an event where you don’t need to carry many things.
Collection of Ankara Printed Purses
Ankara backpack: These are most suitable for students that are Ankara lovers. It’s worn at the back and supported by both shoulders or worn. In rare cases but still fashionable when worn at the front. They look simple and are a must-have.
A beautiful student Ankara Backpack
Ankara Handbag: These kinds of bags are large and are suitable for all kinds of occasions especially when you intend to carry larger things. They are still very much quite fashionable, especially when carried at the crotch of the arm or the shoulder.
Ankara travel bag: What better way to enjoy travel than packing up with an Ankara-designed travel bag. It’s acceptable and shows African Originality especially when traveling out to a Western country. If you love to flaunt and identify as African, Ankara travel bags are a must-have.
Travel bags made with Ankara Fabrics
Ankara wallets: This is a smaller purse mostly used by men to carry more important but smaller things. They can contain items like money, credit cards, passports, and some mini documents.
Ankara Wallets printed in Ankara(Ghana) Fabric
Ankara Messenger bag: They are medium-sized bags that are slightly bigger than purses, carry more items, and can be hung using a strap. This is worn on the shoulders, across the body, or waist by simply adjusting the strap.
Ankara Messenger bag
 Ankara Doctors bag: inspired by the medical profession, it’s called a doctors bag because it looks like a doctor bag used for carrying medical instruments. It’s is used as a carry bag and has more room for things.
A portable Ankara Doctor bag
Ankara Tote bags: These are shopping bags printed in Ankara material. They can hold larger objects but can be styled on any dress. They are very simple bags but fashionable when used appropriately.
A shopping bag made with Ankara Fabric
Ankara Pouch Bags: This are very small bags with a drawstring for closure suitable for keeping jewelry and smaller valuable.
Drawstring bag : This is a bigger pouch bag used for carrying bigger but lighter object.
Ankara drawstring bag\pouch (a smaller drawstring bag)
Ankara Laptop bags: surprising but yes, laptop bags can be printed in Ankara style too. They can hold laptops and another modern gadgets.
Ankara Lapfop Bag
Ankara Basket Bag–  it’s a basket that’s printed in Ankara fabric. They can be used for holding snacks, foods, or a simple beach bag.
An Ankara basket bag
The Ankara Market purse: This is widely used by African women in markets to store and keep their money. It has a large capacity for keeping money and has different pocketlike champers too. It comes in handy in a crowded market and is worn mostly around the waist for easy access. The market bag is a growing fashion trend because it’s also worn as an accessory by most people and not just market women.
Ankara Market Bag

Tips on how to wear an Ankara bag

Match Ankara bags correctly: This can be done by matching with the same pattern of your outfit or matched with a neutral colour especially if the Ankara bag has multiple Ankara print. Ankara bags are suitable on any outfit but make sure to pair correctly.

Use just one Ankara bag: it’s advisable to wear just an Ankara bag with your outfits. This is to avoid bulkiness and contrast of two many colours.

There are many ways to style an Ankara bag. They Include;

  • On one shoulder
  • Both shoulders
  • Cross body
  • On the waist
  • On the crutch of the arm
  • With both hands or a hand

How else do you think an Ankara printed bag can be rocked. Drop your comments at the comment box to let us know.


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