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Ankara Peplum Blouse; 3 ways Ankara Peplums can be Styled or matched

Ankara fashion is fast becoming the new cool around the world even though it identifies as an African fabric.

One very important characteristic of the Ankara fabric is that it can be worn by both genders because of its uniqueness,  affordability, and comes in different colours, patterns and sizes.

The Ankara peplum Blouse is a short, gathered and slightly flared piece of fabric attached around the waist or underburst  of a woman’s bodice. A bodice is a blouse still in the sewing process.

This Peplum blouse comes in different styles, shape and even colour depending on your fashion taste.

Peplum can be cut in full if it requires pleating which comes as a design on its own or half if you just want it to fall.

For a peplum to stand in a blouse it’s advisable to use Crinoline, Collar stay and Paper gum to harden it.

It is one of the African trending styles. To see other trending styles you should read African trending clothes 2022

For an Ankara blouse to be made you must; first mark your body measurements and create your bodice structures. Then cut your bodice and your peplum differently.  The peplum can be cut into 180 and 360 degrees depending on the style and how full you want it to be.

It is worn by lots of women  because it enhances the shape, curves and natural figure. It also covers some flares such as a big stomach and gives slim women a fuller figure.

The Ankara peplum blouse can be sewn and styled any way you desire.  This article will show you the different ways an Ankara peplum blouse can be won and matched with other clothes and we will be giving you some tips on how Ankara peplum blouses can be worn.

3 ways Ankara Peplums can be Styled or matched

1. It can be worn with Matching Skirts and Trousers

If Peplums are not down directly as a gown it can be made into a blouse and with on matching skirts of the Ankara Fabric.

These matching skirts must be made with the exact Ankara fabric and can come as Short or long pencil skirts, Six Pieces skirts, Mermaid shaped skirts etc. .

Matching Ankara trousers can equally be used to wear such peplum blouses. 

2. It can be worn with  any Colour of skirt and trousers.

Who says you should only wear Ankara Peplum Blouse with matching skirts?

Ankara peplum blouse can be worn on any skirts/trousers provided that the skirts/ trousers tally with the colours on the Ankara. 

For example when wearing an Ankara peplum blouse with black, blue, orange or green designs (colours) it’s appropriate to match it with any colour on the Ankara. 

3. It can be worn on Neutral Colours

Black or White skirts can go with any Ankara Fabric as these colours are neutral and can be combined with any other colours. 

It’s important to play with colours when trying to choose the perfect colour skirts for Ankara and avoid playing a Monocolor all through.

4. It can be worn with Jeans

Apart from Neutral colours of skirts and trousers, ankara peplum blouses can be worn with Jeans especially Blue and Black. 

The above article points out three peculiar ways of styling an Ankara peplum blouse.

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