Asoebi Fashion Ideas For Elderly Women

When next you’re attending an event, look around for elderly women. I bet you, you’ll be amazed entirely by their dressings. Fashion is so unlimited and guess what? Older or elderly women are  not leaving the trends to the youngsters/middle aged women  alone.

When it comes down to Asoebi attires, you would agree that elderly women rock the best in quality and yes in styles too. Arguably, they are the real owners of Asoebi dating from the 50’s where it was usually a uniformly made attire for newlyweds, Kings and their households, or simply an event inspired attire for the whole family. Asoebi is very common in Nigeria and Africa as a whole but very popular amongst the Yoruba people. It was certainly a thing of affluence and culture.

It’s exciting seeing elderly women rock their Asoebi outfits in  styles made from different materials to  glamorous owambe parties even though the younger women would lay claims to the general fashion of the owambe. It’s still very easy to identify elderly women in such occasion because of their outstanding and very matured looking outfits.

 This article is however written to inspire our elderly fashion lovers and to possibly suggest trending styles for them.

With Respect, Fashionloaded got you covered.

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African Laces: African Lace is a very popular fashion trend amongst the elderly people (both men and women) all over the world and are worn zealously by women irrespective of the age. Elderly women understand the importance of having a lace material that’s why most  women are seen wearing laces at occasions. Laces comes in good quality, designs, colors and can be used to sow different styles. Laces are definitely a must have for every woman not just for the elderly.
Gele: it’s another form of elderly women signature. It is always worn on the head Read more on All you need to know about gele
Accessories: These are very important must haves. This helps to spice up the looks, gives more style or tell more story about an outfit. Read more on Basic Rules of Accessorizing
Ankara material: This can serve as a substitute for laces and are used to sow a large variety of styles. However, Ankara can be sown with other materials to achieve your desired look.

Here are a few ideas on how to choose eye catching and the best Asoebi styles for Elderly Women

Iro ati Buba: This is a type of  blouse and wrapper, a  very popular attire worn amongst the Yoruba people. It is a very simple style sown by just making a blouse with big sleeves ( either short or long), a Round or Canoe shaped neck and the blouse slightly hugging at the sides of the body and a simple  wrapper cut out either long or short totally dependent on your preference and tied on the waist. This is also a fast and  easy wear that can be matched with accessories for a very beautiful elderly look.

Skirt with Blouse : This style is worn by every woman and can be made from any material. It’s also easy to wear and very suitable for any occasion. The skirt can be made into a  straight, six piece, four pieces ,a two piece skirt or a knee lengthened skirt and the blouses designed fully to your taste.

Madam Blouse : This is not the regular type of blouse and very common amongst the Igbo women. The blouse stops around the hips instead of the waist where a normal blouse should rest. It can also be designed fully to your taste and can be worn on a matching long skirt or a matching long  wrapper tied around the waist. A madam blouse can also be worn these ways

  • On a skirt with a wrapper tied round
  • On two wrappers ( the first is tied on the waist before the blouse is worn and the second is tied on the blouse and wrapper at the Tommy or waist region)

Blouses or gown with neck Collars or Turnups: This trend is very common amongst elderly women because it slightly or totally covers the breast and hides the collar bone. Turnups are  collar-like but is worn/sown around the neck region. It’s looks like a beeb  (Baby napkin) but very chic and appropriate.

A long flare gown: This is one easy to wear style. It covers the legs and enable older women to walk with more ease. Flare goes for almost everybody, it has a way of hiding the not too perfect parts of the body. It can be a full flare gown or a scanty flare and of course flare gowns can be designed according to your taste by a recommended tailor.

Peplum Gowns/Blouse: This is also a growing trend amongst older women. A peplum is usually cut curved and sown round the blouse or bodice of a gown. It can also be extended to making  nice hand styles for dresses too.

Note: Bodice is the  fitted upper part of the dress that covers the chest and back above the waist. It’s a term usually used for making during dress making.

A-line gown: This is a very simple gown that is just sown slanted from the hip or waist region. It’s has a resemblance to the flare and can sometimes be confused for one.

When making Asoebi outfits for elderly women, please do note comfortability matters a lot. Try to avoid more of short dresses, tight trousers, and jumpsuits this is because they are sometimes stressful to wear

For very old women it’s advised you make a simple gown attire for them, this is to reduce stress and make it more comfortable

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