Basic Rules of Accessorizing

See how to choose the right accessories that goes with the right type of clothing.

Accessorizing is a form of  art. It’s simply the basic touches and finish ups that comes after dressing up either for an occasion or sometimes a more casual event. Accessories are items that are not really essential when used individually but can be added to something (an outfit) to make it look more important, Interesting and decorative. They are not really a part of the main clothes but are equally important as the main clothing since it enhances the look of the outfit.

Here is a list of things popularly used as Accessories

  • Hats
  • Foot wears
  • Bags
  • Scarf
  • Durags
  • Caps
  • Belt
  • Girdles
  • Jeweleries
  • Purse
  • Socks
  • Jackets
  • Bands
  • Gloves
  • Masks
  • Tie
  • Handkerchief
  • Wrist watches
  • Glasses/shades
  • Bracelets And many more…….

Now, here are some main reasons why  accessories are very essential .

To lay emphasis on the season: Accessories are very important when it comes to seasons and even festive seasons. For instance; A Harmattan season, you would likely wear a furry jacket or a head warmer to avoid catching a cold, A Christmas season where you’d be compelled to wear a red hat or a robe which is normally worn during Christmas for easy identification.
Protection: Accessories offers protection against external factors and harsh weather conditions. Such accessories prevents damages to some vital part of the body. For example;  Face caps are worn for protection against ultraviolet light rays from the sun, sunglasses to protect the eyes, Socks and gloves to protect the toes and fingers against germs and dust, footwear to protect the feet and toe nails against hard objects and many other examples.
To Compliments your dress sense: Accessories brings out  looks, adds a very unique personality to your style and speaks a little bit more about your outfits. It can tell a matching story just by the sights without any explanation. The type of Accessories you wear when going to a wedding would actually give out the story without you saying a word. Same goes for a street festival or a sport event where you’d be required to wear a canvas, headband, ankle band or a helmet to compliment your looks.
 For Balance: Accessories creates a balance between color, shape and style of the outfit. This can be illustrated by a bag, cap, jewelry or a  footwear.
To Complete your outfit : Wearing an outfit without accessories would not exactly give out the certain look you’re willing to create. For example; wearing all those Asoebi dresses without  properly matching with bags ,shoes, different designs of necklaces and earrings to complete it.

Rules of Accessorizing

First Rule of Accessorizing is  to never over do it.  Wearing two or more necklaces, more than a bag, a cap and a durag together would never make sense no matter how you try to paint it.

A fashion icon had once suggested if you’re having difficulties picking the perfect accessory , wear all you feel you need to wear then check your self out in a mirror and reduce it to balance out equally.

Matching and colors: it’s is very important to know that wrongly matching your accessories with your outfit can throw your style out of balance. Here are a few tips on some matches you can try.

  • Wear gloves that matches with your attire or at least a glove that match one of color of your outfit.
  • Combine bright colors with not too catchy accessories and dark or neutral colors with eye catching accessories.
  • Talking about culturally made accessories, it’s advisable to wear with neutral clothing so not to contradict or maybe cause an all fashion color riot.

Avoid wearing more than three large jewelries at the same time, most especially rings and bracelets. Only use matching jewelries ( set of jewelry) when it’s smaller in size

Avoid wearing glasses or wristwatches in the evening or night. It’s uncalled for at that time of the day.

Pick out proper footwear that goes with your outfit.

Buy only long lasting and durable accessories.

It’s fashion and although anything can go, it very important you do a thorough check out of what would look classy on you and more comfortable.

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