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A fashion designer is expected to have many qualities that facilitate a smooth Designer-Client relationship. This includes the ability to maintain customers after their patronage and to greatly satisfy clients’ wants.

Clients’ wants can be insatiable and it is up to the fashion designer to satisfy his clients with creative and exciting styles.

These sets of skills draw more customers and increase brand visibility as more satisfied clients keep coming back to patronize you and further refer you to other customers, thus, promoting your growth as a designer.

This article is packed with some of the qualities of a good fashion designer and how beneficial such qualities and skills are to intending and existing Fashionprenuers.

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Some of these qualities are displayed by top designers and used to retain customers. These skills should be taken into consideration by fashion designers and aspiring fashion designers to further promote fashion brands. 

Qualities of a good fashion designer

These are some of the qualities a Fashion designer should possess to satisfy their clients,  promote their brand and gain more clients.

1. A Fashion designer must be creative.

The ability to recreate and create other styles is one quality every designer should possess. As we pointed out earlier, Customers’ wants are insatiable and creativity helps the customers to achieve their desired looks.

 A client may want you to recreate a magazine outfit or possibly create new designs. Hence, every designer must be highly creative to produce masterpieces and meet customers ‘ expectations. You would be retaining such a customer by doing so. 

A fashion designer must also be able to produce original and quality designs.

2. A Fashion designer must be time conscious

The client usually uses the term “my designer disappointed me ” only when you aren’t timely with delivery. This is a big flaw on your part as a fashion designer because it upsets a lot of customers. 

Imagine having a client chase or arrest you to get his clothes delivered on time. Such clients would not patronize you or give you a referral after getting disappointed. So in order not to disappoint a client, a fashion designer must be able to manage his time effectively.

3. A good fashion designer must be trustworthy

Can I trust this designer with my fabric?  Does this designer destroy fabric materials?  Does this designer take time in delivery?  Does this designer ruin fabric?  Would you as a  designer tell your clients the truth?

These are questions that run through your client’s mind and the first impression you give them always lasts. 

Showing clients that you can be trusted into handling their material with care is a big push into retaining those clients and good fashion designers know that the secret to keeping customers getting referred to others is by displaying this quality.

4. A fashion designer must be willing to follow trends. 

A good designer must have access to new styles and the latest trends to satisfy clients. Trends come and go regularly and a fashion designer needs to keep up with them.

If you remain outdated as a fashion designer your customers would look for better options and this is why most designers keep learning and improving their design skills to keep their customers glued to them. 

You can keep up to date with trendy styles through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. 

5. A good fashion designer must be confident 

The key to being a reputable fashion designer is to be confident in your skills. As a designer, if you are less confident in showcasing your skills your clients would never trust you and such a thing can lead to a decrease in customers.

To be confident, a fashion designer must have full mastery of the skills and devise simple techniques to accomplish goals and satisfy customers.

6 . A good fashion designer must be attentive to details

Customers love designers who are attentive to details and take extra care of their fabrics. Being attentive to details allows you to manipulate styles and achieve numerous designs even without having much experience at hand.

This quality also helps you to adjust fittings to suit the shape of the customer.

7. A good fashion designer must be organized

An organized fashion designer makes a lot of progress. From the amendment of customers ‘ clothes to the tidying of the fashion house.

An organized fashion designer also keeps a record of every work and keeps track of all expenses including profit and losses.

8.  A good fashion designer must know how to communicate 

Communication means effectively relating with your client. If you cannot communicate with your client in a language they will understand then you have a lot to learn to become a successful fashion designer.

A good designer must learn how to speak and write properly as well as endeavor to learn his client’s language if he works in a foreign place.

9. A good fashion designer must be a good entrepreneur

The main purpose of being a fashion designer is to make money and as such a good fashion designer must be able to handle his business along with his expenses. A good fashion designer must learn how to cut costs and make decisions concerning the economics of the fashion shop.

10 A good fashion designer must be a good teacher

Once a fashion designer you tend to be a teacher that is where the learner/apprenticeship comes in. 

A fashion designer is expected to imbibe knowledge into willing learners and to do this he is expected to have gained mastery of the skills. 

This trick is employed by many designers as clients are drawn to their stores because of such factors.

11 A good designer must be tech-savvy

In this Era of technology, the world is improving and fashion designing isn’t left behind. Gadgets such as phones and computers are used to compile clients’ measurements as well as greatly beautify designs. 

Being savvy as a fashion designer means being able to access and use technological tools to their advantage.

Technology can be used in various fashion expertise including the advertisement of finished outfits. 

The presence of technology makes work easier, faster, and more productive for the fashion designer.

12. A good fashion designer must be good at Analysing

A good fashion designer must possess analytical skills and be good at making decisions. They should also be able to calculate and sketch properly.


The above article points out reserved tips on becoming a better fashion designer.

We hope we’ve been able to answer lingering questions on how to be a fashion designer and the qualities a fashion designer must possess.

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