Clothes and Personality(matching your clothes to your mood)

Fashion is not just about your style, choice of clothing, the kind of clothes you wear, or the right size with accessories. It’s always related to everyday topics, from mood to colours to portraying yourself rightly. This is why we at fashion loaded are working around the clock to create beautiful content that talks about the various topics in everyday fashion.

Do you know that the clothes you should wear can tell if you’re happy, sad, an extrovert or an introverted person? Do you know that your mode of dressing can reflect your personality?

You can show us if you are a religious leader, team leader, cheerleader, or you like to be the boss at times by just dressing.

It’s a popular saying the kind of clothes you wear determines how you are addressed. Hence the need to match your clothes and mood.

People who wear very heavy makeup and bright colours are usually loud and extroverted. Quiet and introverted people would always go for darker makeup, dark coloured fabric etc.

During Funerals, dark and the colour black are used. This helps to reflect mourning. White is used too, this is to give the dead respect and give a solemn glow plus black compliments the sad emotion at a funeral.

For a happy and energetic ceremonies such as festivals, weddings, and parties. Bright and warm colours help make such occasions a happy one. I once told you colors determine how happy you are and can spread cheer around you. In case you missed that, it’s a 2-minute read.

The kind of clothes you wear for work shows the kind of job you do. Especially if your job is a professional one. For example; when you see a person in overall, you get a hint of what that person is; a doctor or someone who works in a hospital. This applies to other professions and that is why your mood should match your fashion sense(dressing). What we wear for work can show what we do, and how you are expected to relate as well.

Here are some outfits to match your mood and you can also get some at fashion loaded.


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