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Colours: Spice of Fashion

It’s one thing to be stylish and it’s another to know how to match colours

Colour has always been of significance in the fashion industry. It determines the colour lifecycle in fashion, and how colours can slowly develop over several seasons

There are various definitions of colours

Colours refers to the quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object, usually determined visually by the measurement of hue, saturation, and brightness of the reflected light.

In other terms, Colour is what the eyes see when light is reflected off an object i.e that which is catching to the eyes and adding more life to an object.

Colour has three major properties which are Hue, Value, and intensityy.

Hue is the name of a colour, such as red, blue, green,or yellow.

Value is referred to as how light hue (colour) is. It can be altered by adding black or white

Intensity is the brightness or dullness of a hue (colour). Pure hues are high-intensity colours. Dull hues are low-intensity colours.


To achieve different colours, there is something called a colour wheel used for organising colours. Its represented by a circle and shows the primary colours, secondary colours, and tertiary colours.

Primary colours: These are basic colours that can be mixed to create other colours,the secondary color. They include





These are gotten from the three primary colours by mixing only two of the primary colours. There are three secondary colours




To get orange, you mix equal parts of red and yellow. To get Violet, you mix equal parts of red and blue. To get green, you mix equal parts of blue and yellow.

Tertiary colours comes from mixing two secondary colours or a secondary and a primary colour. They also include colors matched with each other. There are further classified into complementary and supplementary colours.

Complimentary colours. Complimentary colours are colours that are across from each other on the colour wheel. Violet and Yellow, Red and Green, Blue and Orange are complementary to each other. Complimentary means they can be matched with each other.

Intermediate colours. There are six in numbers red-orange, red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green, yellow-green, and yellow-orange. They are created by mixing a secondary colour with a primary colour.

Other classification of colours.

Warm colours

Warm colours express warmth they are shiny and eye-catching. They are red, yellow, and orange hues.

Cold colours

Cold colours have the feel of being cold and contrasting to warm colours. They are blue, violet and green.

It is very necessary to match a warm colour with a cold one to strike a balance in your appearance.

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Colour definition:

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