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Fashion Trends; Causes and Effects

Fashion and Society cannot be separated from each other and this leads to the different reels of Fashion trends in everyday life. Fashion and society move hand in hand.

As one of our weekly Specials, we would be exposing the causes and effects of fashion trends.

Fashion trends are styles, and impacts made on fashion from time to time. They differ in cultures, places, and countries. Such trends range from oversized shirts to baggy jeans, down to ripped clothes.

For a particular style to trend, it has to be eye-catching,colourfu,l stylish, and accepted by the majority in society.

Let’s take an old trend in western Nigeria, the one show above as an example. In the ’80s the Iro and Buba (Buba and wrapper were trending and were rocked by every woman at that time regardless of Culture. Although it had a Yoruba Origin, it became a fashion trend far and wide.

Over the years, a lot of fashion trends have come and gone. some leaving great impact while some disappeared quickly and were never heard of again. These trends are followed quickly and are accepted in the society. This is as a result of fashion’s influence every day.

There are negative and positive effects of fashion trends and it’s important to understand the positive and negative impacts of fashion trends when following trends as they come and go.

The positive effect of fashion trends includes


The more we follow Fashion trends, the more we find our creative sides. This is mixed up with the trends for better expression. For instance, a trending hat. We may try to accessorize the hat thereby creating another exciting masterpiece.


When an item or a particular style gets trending. It always has a high market value which is beneficial to entrepreneurs.

Employment Opportunities

For a style to trend, it must be marketed and advertised using Visual and nonvisual methods, and this is majorly done through the media thereby creating employment for different people.

Facilitates International relationships between places

Study closely fashion trends as they come and go. It spreads wide across countries and is recognized. This is possible with digital aids such as Socal media handles which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

What has positive effects could also have negative effects and this does not exclude fashion trends.

Negative Effects of Fashion Trends include

Unhealthy Rivalry

In as much as competitions are necessary, unhealthy competition is bad and this can lead to social vices such as robbery to follow or continue with Fashion trends.


People waste money following Fashion trends. Once a trend fades, another comes u, and people must follow at their own expense. leading to time, clothes, and money wastage.


The more trends reels out, the more increase in demand and the more items are produced. When it comes to fabric production and design, more energy is consumed and more materials are used. This increase the level of pollution in the environment


Fashion trend followers get addicted to always following trends especially when the trends are advertised and have irresistible offers.


Following Fashion trends can reduce your confidence especially when you can not follow up again. It makes you feel like you have no style.

Fashion trends’ impact on students is always huge. They get to find confidence and feel good about themselves.

However, students may not be able to be active in social activities especially if they don’t follow a particular fashion trend. This is also another challenge.

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