General Care of Fabrics

You should always have yourself looking dashing and sharp with the best clothes, footwear, and accessories. To achieve this goal you must take very good care of your fabrics.

General Tips to care for your fabric.

Keep dirty fabrics in a basket.

You should have a basket or two used for keeping dirty clothes. Always keep colourful and lighter clothes to prevent stains when damp.

Dry wet clothes

Dry your sweaty clothes if the washing process is on hold. This would keep the stench or moisture off. Also, never use the wash and wear technique

Separate white clothes from coloured clothes.

Soak white clothes with bleach always as bleach helps to remove tough stains and is very suitable on whites. Bleach also prevents excessive washing of the white fabric to avoid slacking.

Wash colour-removing clothes with a hand soap( commonly referred to as bar soap)

This is because detergent can wash off the colours more easily than hand soap.

Rinse your fabric with plenty of water

This is important so it can be free of dirt and soap. Rinsing your fabric with lots of water removes some heavily perfumed detergent smell and gives your clothes a more refreshing smell and feel.

Do not store wet clothes

Allow your fabrics to dry very well to avoid odour and stain from other clothes. This is what happens to wet clothes

Stitch all loose seams on fabrics

Loose seams can encourage more seams to rip off. Get your loose clothing to a tailor and always have buttons, a hand needle, and threads for little fabric problems like loose stitching and button replacement. Always use a thimble to protect your fingers from the needle.

Straighten your fabric

This can be done with an iron to remove wrinkles and gives the fabric a smart and cleaner character.

Fold and store properly

Always fold and store your fabrics to avoid rumpling it again and easier to find.

Following these tips regularly would ensure your fabric lasts.

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