How Tight Clothes can Actually Maim You.

I  really do wonder sometimes how people cope wearing tight clothes. I cannot! I feel like am being choked or suffering from suffocation. Same goes for people I’ve had the opportunity to talk to about this issue,  they vehemently advised against the use of such clothes. I have also spoken to some people who don’t give a damn about how tight a cloth is provided they feel all glamoured and fashioned up, wearing them at the expense of their comfortability and also trying to achieve that model look.

Tight clothes are those clothing that compress, fold and define the structure of the body when worn. Examples includes; Skinny Jeans, Tight underwear, Jackets, Skirts etc. Although, some tight dresses may look fashionable but no matter how it’s painted and presented it’s really not comfortable when worn especially for long.

Tight clothes has some strong underlying consequences which Interestingly would be discussed.

 Some problems caused by Prolong wearing of tight clothes Include:

Poor breathing/ low supply of oxygen : Tight clothes makes it really difficult to get air into the lungs and can lead to suffocation which is the state of dying from the lack of being able to breathe proper or fresh air. Tight clothes worn especially around the chest and neck region can stop the flow of air into the lungs. It can also stop the circulation of blood to other parts of the body thereby resulting to swelling.

Excessive Heat: You see, when tight clothes compresses your body it gives out some degree of heat internally. This can cause harm to some organs in the body and may likely lead to heart failures, strokes, back pains, headaches and cramps. It also causes stress and over sweating which can lead to dehydration.

Redness and irritation: Prolong wearing of tight clothes can cause skin irritations  and these includes rashes which is a rough itchy appearance on the skin. This can be treated using antibiotics, ointments and creams prescribed by the Doctor.

Skin diseases: This include Eczema, Acne, Warts,  Lupus and even Measles. Symptoms may include fatigue and irritation . It is therefore advisable to seek the help of hematologists in severe case of skin diseases. This can also be caused by heat resulting from prolonged wearing of tight clothes.

Heart burn/Stomach Upset: Tight clothes especially around the tommy region can lead to heart burn, indigestion and other gastro related disorder.

Here, a lot of people believe that wearing tight clothes around your tommy region would give you a flat tommy. This has not been proven to actually work. I guess girdles and Tommy belts would do the work temporary though but the disadvantage of wearing such tight clothing are more than the advantage.

Discomfort: This is very popular. Why wear an outfit you won’t be comfortable with? It’s totally off fashion to wear an outfit that causes you some discomfort. I mean what’s the point anyway. It’s recommend you wear normal loose clothes especially your sizes. A very good designer would do the job perfectly and sew you fitting clothes.

Don’t forget not too tight, not too loose would do the trick. The goal is to look Chic, Confident and Stand out.

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