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How to Handle Fashion trends Effortlessly


From the start of the week, we’ve been talking about fashion trends in detail. We went through the advantages and the disadvantages that come with following fashion trends.

 We agree that fashion trend it’s something that we all love to do, something that brings out our creativity but sometimes it’s something that we also struggle with especially when it becomes an addiction.

Little worries, I’ve got you covered. Here are some tips on how handy you can be with trends.

 Before that please do

Please read the previous article by clicking on the “previous article” so you have a hint on what we are talking about.

Social media

If you want to keep up with trending news on fashion, one thing you should not fail to do is to have a social media account. This includes some social media handles like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, etc. More especially on Instagram so you get to see more style inspiration as trends real out.

Window shopping

Another way to keep up with trends is to window shop. Window shopping involves looking at items for sale with no intention to purchase them.  That means you go to a store or you go online actually to look at items that are placed for sale. These are items that are catchy and trending. You don’t get to buy them but you have an idea of the latest fashion trend.

Mix patterns

Another way to be up with the latest fashion trends is to mix patterns, and trends together.  Remember in the previous article we talked about how trends bring out our creative side.

Play with colours

 When following a trend or trends, you need to play with colours. This is so your outfit does not become boring or something that everybody wears.

Balance up

Another way to be up and doing with trends Is to create balance.  Balancing trends is easy and it helps to bring out your confidence especially when it is balanced appropriately. The correct way of balancing tread for me personally is ” not too much stuff” and “not too less stuff*.  Use admirable colours and accessorize perfectly.

Update your wardrobe

While keeping up with trends you need to update your wardrobe, give out clothes that are no longer trending, clothes you no longer like no longer like or  resell to make cool  cash but the fact is keep updating your wardrobe so you don’t get too much to wear but nothing to wearr.

Whenever you decide to follow a trend you need to make sure you look good. What is the point of following trends that makes you look out of place.

You don’t have to love all fashion trends so if you look less stylish in a trendy outfit, drop it! There are many trendy outfits to move around in so try to be comfortable and look good when following fashion trends.

Photo credit: Google (Kwara political hang out, shutter stock, stylist, the Zoe report, free press net, cosmopolitan, PopSugar, Pinterest)


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