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Key Differences between Fashion and Style

Style and Fashion have basic similarities but we sometimes make the mistake of thinking fashion is style and style is fashion.  They are two different terms although they are not totally independent of each other.  

There is a thin line between fashion and style. When you buy an outfit in Vogue or probably dress to suit your persona, which would you call fashion, and which would you call style?

Find out in this article the major differences between fashion and style. Notwithstanding any discovery made you should be able to know if you are in Style-or-Stray

We must understand what fashion and style are before noting the key differences between them.

Fashion is simply trends and outfits in vogue as agreed by fashion stakeholders. They are usually always advertised by the media and have more to do with most people in general. Fashion is no doubt for everybody and by everybody.

Style is when you incorporate your individualism and identity into fashion by creating your own signature and feeling comfortable in them. It’s all about what you would rather wear and expressing your attributes with it. 

Personal styles give rise to fashion. Yeah, the fashion you see today is other people’s original style. So you are typically copying other people’s personal style and it’s not your style, you are simply being fashionable. 

Sometimes we incorporate our styles into trendy styles and this is a great balance between styles and fashion.

The following are key differences between Fashion and Style


Style is original and cannot be copied although it can be improved. When you are stylish, it’s you being creative and putting pieces together that reflects your personality. 

Fashion on the other hand is a reflection of another person’s personality and therefore cannot be said to be your original idea.


Style is timeless and sometimes can stay for a long time while fashion fades quickly. 

The styles you think are trendy are tossed aside when another trend comes because it is only fashionable at the moment. 

Style stays with you over time. After all, it is a reflection of yourself and fashion keeps changing because it was imposed.


Style allows more room for creativity on the other hand fashion has been dished out as a pattern to follow.

Fashion is a combination of a lot of styles but it’s not your own “creative”. You are simply just following the trend that makes you think you ” drip”


Since style is a personal feature, it does not enjoy as much popularity as fashion does. Fashion is promoted and publicized by the media since it is a general thing and has influencing factors on people, this, fashion gets more popular. Fashion relies on brands to thrive while Style does not.

Now you know the key differences between fashion and style

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