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Picture Freaky( Benefits of taking photos)

I am not a picture freaky person yet I spare time to take some shots. No matter the excuse one should take pictures once in a while. You should develop a habit of wanting and loving to strike poses for the Camera. You can do all these without necessarily being termed as a picture freak.

It’s okay to have thousands of pictures and not show them off too but there are a lot of benefits of taking pictures.

A photo freak is a person who likes to take photos all the time. For some people, it is a person obsessed with pictures in a very annoying way.

I for one am an advocate for photo shoots. I think it’s necessary to take as many pictures as you when going out either for a walk, a job, or attending an event.

Benefits of taking photos

It shows excitement:

When you take pictures the more excited you become the more lively your face lit up for an occasion. Taking pictures portrays the feeling of being happy about an actual event.

Helps boost confidence

pictures help boost confidence taking a picture after dressing up help shows that you are at least very confident in the way you look. Especially when you take a photo and then you look pretty good in that actual photo, you would feel good throughout the event, less shy and very confident that you looking smart and beautiful.

Stress relieving

Do you know that taking pictures helps relieves your stress? It goes this feeling of excitement and fulfillment which plays a therapeutic role in keeping your mental health positive.

Fashion determiner

Pictures can determine what you want to look like. Gives you an idea of how to dress think or behave towards an occasion.


Pictures shows your level of creativity, it also inspires you to be more creative too.


Pictures serve as a motivator to get experiences and be fit. It guides you to look at life differently and urges one to be optimistic. It can also help you find your true self and beauty and ponders your reflection. It plays an important role in lifting your spirits when you feel down.


This is the most important reason for taking pictures it helps you not to forget memories, especially those that made you a very happy person. Taking pictures helps you to immortalize moments and serves as a  documented piece on stages of growth and improvement.

One favorite thing fashion lovers love to do is to style and take pictures.

In conclusion,


Be intentional about it.

Don’t limit your, have all the poses laid out in your head ready to strike. Whether it’s for you or someone else, Express it !. Take a picture today!

Entertain us!

Photo credits: Google, Pinterest


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