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Reasons Why Men Must Have Native Attire

Let’s say you are a Nigerian or an African man and you are wondering why you should put on a native attire then you are at the right blog as we give you reasons why men must have native attire.

What is native attire?

A native attire is a mode of dressing or a clothing fabric common to a particular country or tribe.

Different African countries have their native attire for both males and females but for this blog post, we would be considering Nigerian Nigerian men.

Talking about native attire, do bear in mind that we do not mean the olden methods of clothing or the former dressing mode of primitive Africans.

Although African tribes have their way of imbibing their culture in different clothings we have come a long way in doing that as more styles and fabrics are being incorporated into African fashion.

In Nigeria, all ethnic groups have their peculiarities in clothing. Let’s learn a bit about the dressing of the men in their native attire centered on Nigerian tribes since the Nigerian independence.

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For starters, native attires have always been the best option for Men to grace occasions irrespective of gender and age for decades. Native attire is always used to attend ceremonies and grace occasions.

From the three main ethnic groups; the Yoruba men dressing is centered on Dashiki, Agbada, and Kaftans. A Dashiki is a colorful, loose African shirt that reaches the hips or right above the knee. An Agbada ceremonial 3-piece clothing which is an open-stitched full gown worn with a long-sleeved shirt and a shokoto (pair of trousers) that matches the color of the Agbada.

The Hausa have their common Babaringa which is a lot similar to an Agbada. it had gained acceptance even in the eastern parts of the country and outside Nigeria. It can be made with Senator material, Atiku material, and Ankara. The Hausa also have the common Jalvbia used for ceremonies of lesser importance.

The Igbo by all means tries to incorporate as much as their culture into their dressing. Although they still do the traditional tying of wrapper around the waist with a matching shirt. The Igbos have also adapted to using some of the other tribes’ pieces and adding cultural styles to them.

Now we know how the typical Nigerian men appear in native we need to also know the reasons why they should be encouraged to wear native clothes.

Reasons Why Men Must Have Native Attire

1: It is a connection between men and their cultural heritage.

2: Native attire is fashionable.

3: It makes you look responsible

4: It makes you smart.

5: It can be used for any style

6. Tells people where you are from

Here are some Nigerian men in native attire in no particular order.

Photo Credit: Google, Olist, Pinterest, Fashionloaded


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