Classic Fashiontips

Some benefits of colours and the correct methods of matching colours

We all love to dress and accessories. Therefore every bit that we put on our bodies is undoubtedly a fashion choice.

The last time we talked about colours. A brief introduction on colour, types and classes was given.

Today, we will be talking about some benefits of colors and the correct methods of matching colours

Benefits of colours

Do you how know colours affect our moods?

There is something termed CHROMOTHERAPHY which is a colour therapy used across the world to control and improve moods. For example, Red shows energy and motivation and helps to improve blood circulation and delivery of nutrients to the body organs. Yellow colour triggers the nervous system and makes us alert. This can help promote learning and make the individual more attentive to the world around them. Orange gives warmth and treats fatigue and is very good for treating tiredness. Violet is seen as an ethical colour, which is good for reflection, foresight, etc. Green is recommended for hyperactive people. Blue colour conveys peace and tranquillity, gradually calming those who are exposed to it and allowing them to sleep more easily. Colour is undoubtedly a power that directly influences the soul.

Do you know that; Blue is the color of loyalty, which explains why U.S. police officers wear blue uniforms.

Colour as a good conversation starter

Do you sometimes get compliments like, Oh I love your blue dress and your shoes and you go all thank you and you add a little wording to make a speech. That’s the power of colours.

Colour can improve your performance

Wonder why some entertainers are poised on colours. This is because it adds light and is downright attractive. Colours subconsciously affect your performance, how you relate with people and how other people view you. If you need to build confidence today, Choose a bold colour.

Color makes you more approachable.

It brightens your mood and you become more approachable. You open yourself to new opportunities because you would make people around you delighted to be with you.Color sends a message.They say what you wear speaks.

Psychologically, yellow is the strongest of all colours because it affects your emotions and influences creativity.

Let’s use the traffic lights, for example, Red says stop, when you see a red code anywhere what first comes to your mind is to slow down and stop.


  • Learn to use the color wheel
  • Familiarize yourself with the colour wheel
  • Mix neutral colours
  • Use complementary colours
  • Use accessories that don’t match in color sometimes
  • Pair bright colours with dull colours

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