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Tailor your clothes

I choose this particular topic with the catchphrase “Tailor your clothes” which is somewhat similar to a movie I had watched called “tailor your heart” and I knew I had to talk about this topic since we must have come across some situations as fashion lovers. 

This is a very insightful topic, and with reasonable assertions on why a lot of people both male and female, should tailor their clothes to suit their preferences. 

You may be wondering what the phrase “tailor your clothes” means but please take a look at our other topics as soon as you are done with this masterpiece. 

Tailoring your clothes means adjusting your clothes to fit your body size, shape, and even height. For example, you bought a gown, and unfortunately, it doesn’t fit or probably grew tight over the month because you have either added on weight or reduced some.

To get the best fitting of clothes you must look for an allowance to widen the clothes when it’s tight or create more allowance when it is bigger. 

You can adjust just any part of your clothes starting e.g sleeves, length of the fabric, size, etc. 

After reading this article you will learn about the importance of making clothes fit and how to tailor your clothes appropriately.

Before we look at some tips used in tailoring your clothes let’s look at some reasons why we should tailor our clothes. There are four major reasons why we need to tailor our clothes. They include:

  1. Unforeseen circumstances 
  2. Clothes Adjustments
  3. Clothes preservation
  4. Saving money 

Unforeseen circumstances

This happens a lot as you can have a ripped button, a closed stitch, or a tear on a fabric. This can make you look somewhat unsettled especially when you have an outfit planned out to wear before an occasion. It’s important to tailor your clothes to close in for such situations.

Clothes adjustments 

You need to adjust your clothes when there is a need.  it’s of utmost importance to repair torn clothes or shape clothes to your size. When you wear clothes that are somewhat inappropriate and torn, chances are it might affect your self-confidence. That’s the more reasons why you need to tailor your clothes to look stylish

Clothes preservation 

It is not going to make any sense to throw a fabric because it is ripped or torn when you can sew it together to look good. Tailoring Your clothes appropriately makes them last and look better. It can also make you style a dress in many styles and use techniques such as dying when you have the time or resources.

Saving money.

Tailoring your clothes helps save money as there are other important things you should budget your money on.  Besides, a good fashionista is a good saver and great at clothes management.

Now we’ve seen reasons why we should tailor our clothes to fit right. It’s equally important to know little tips used in tailoring one’s clothes.

1. Know your measurement 

If you are taking your clothes to the tailor for amendment you should know your measurements so you can have the correct fittings. If you do not know your measurements it’s equally okay as you can request to be measured by a tailor.

2. Use a good tailor

You won’t love badly amended clothes and this is why you should choose the right and capable hands to handle your fabric. A good tailor would help you save your fabric’s quality and also dish out tips on making the right choices for a fabric. In fact, when you have a good tailor 80% of the work is done and you can leave your clothes in the right hands feeling relaxed.

3. Payment 

If you think you shouldn’t pay well to have your clothes amended then you are wrong. Although the fabric may not be a new one, but a good pay would give you something you desire.

4. Do it yourself (DIY)

Doing your amendment yourself during your free time does not only save money but offers maximum satisfaction. You can do normal stitching, and repair torn dresses and ripped buttons yourself without stress. However, if the procedure seems to be a bit complicated pls take your fabric to a good and recommended tailor. If you strive to DIY on your old clothes you should take the following into consideration. 

1. Use the right thread. 

A lot of DIY tend to break this rule; they can use a purple thread on a yellow dress or a contrasting colour. You should use the appropriate threads to get the desired stitches.

2. Lock in your stitch

Locking in your stitches well prevents them from further losing or unexpected rips. 

3. Test your clothes

As you do this please test your clothes to ensure every correction has been implemented and your clothes are suitable for wearing.

4. Get your sewing equipments

If you love to do your amendments yourself, you should endeavor to get your sewing kits and learn some basic sewing skills. You can also have a mini sewing machine at home which allows you to become more creative with DIY methods. 

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