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The Brotherhood Movie Premier

The Brotherhood Movie Premier was themed “Ojuju Ball” and had a lot of movie stars in attendance with their “Ojuju Outfit” This inspiration probably came from the movie and its debut gang “the Ojuju Boys”.

You can’t help but love the energy and hard work put into the  Nollywood movie industry in recent times and the brotherhood movie premier was not short of unique and wonderful ideas from Stars and fans alike.

Brotherhood came out amazing as we see the attendees of the premiere excited about the creation.

Watching and reviewing behind the scenes was a pretty interesting thing to do for us and we can tell that they hired a lot of trained experts to handle crazy situations.

The crime drama is one of the best of its kind and was directed by Loukman Ali. A brilliant screenwriter, producer, and director from Uganda. The movie was his debut as a director and we can say we are looking forward to more amazing movies being directed by him.

The whole drama centers on two brothers played by two loved celebrities Tobi Bakara, (one of the finalists of the big brother Naija season 3)  and Folarin Falana (known by his stage name Falz, a renowned rapper, songwriter, and artist) who chose different paths in life and are both connected in the crime world. One is a vicious villain, an ex-convict, and the other is the hero of the movie and a police officer.

The premiere took place at the indoor sports hall at the Teshim Balogun stadium Surulere and featured movie stars, music artists, and big brother celebrities like Diane, Dorathy, Basket mouth, Tobi Bakare, Falz, Seyi Awolowo, Zubby Micheal, Uc Okeje, Boma, Sam Dede, Ifu Enanda and many more. 

Celebrities stormed the red carpet and showcased different fashion sides of the Ojuju theme. The reality star and actress Ifu enanda won a whopping sum of one million Naira. The actress wore a red padded dress with a cage with chicken underneath her. This was the most interesting of all costumes and left a lot of people in awe wondering how she could cope.

Brotherhood is the latest movie which will be released on the 23rd of September and movie lovers are definitely looking forward to that. 

Indeed Fashion makes life more beautiful. It allows people of all kinds to look their best and feel good about themselves and the brotherhood premiere centers on expressions and creativity 

However, these are some of your favorite appearances to the event and how they look. Also leave in the comment section who are your best dressed and how well dressed they appear to you.


We at Fashionloaded believe that every outfit counts and are dedicated to giving you just the best.


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