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The Chelsea Boot.

The Chelsea boot is a close-fitting ankle boot featuring stretchy elastic side panels, which makes the quite easy to put on. Many Chelsea boots have a loop or fabric tab at the back to allow this feature.

It is widely believed that the very first Chelsea boot was designed by Queen Victoria’s boot maker, Mr J Sparkes-Hall in 1837. According to this assumption, he created the pair of ankle height boots with elastic inserts on either side, to make them easy to pull on and off for her majesty. However, It is important to note that this boot would not have been made possible, without the early invention of vulcanized rubber by Charles Goodyear.

The boot rose to being a high fashion wear in the early 1900’s, and was known also as the ‘paddock’ boot. It is also important to note that despite the recent designs nowadays, most Chelsea boots are unisex footwear.

Although, the Chelsea boot can be styled perfectly as a formal wear, I personally prefer it more as a casual wear.  Especially, when it comes in other colors than black.            

So a perfect casual outfit with a Chelsea boot for men will be (drum roll)

A jean trouser, woven fabric shirt or a sweatshirt and a Chelsea boot to go.

For mi ladies, (all my single ladies playing in my head)

A perfect knee length evening gown, a leather skirt with a shirt outfit, or if you decide to play it safe, a jean and sweat shirt will do too.

Well, there are other unisex boots that will do the trick, just as the Chelsea boot. The likes are Chukka, Monk Strap and Dessert Boots among others.

The Chukka Boot
The Monk Strap Boot

So, if you have found this interesting, kindly drop us a comment. We answer questions too.


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