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The Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits (The famous and classic One piece Dress for ladies) are every where these days, but where and how did they originate? 

The first jumpsuits were made in 1919 and were worn by parachutist, who were literally, jumping out of planes. That brought about the name jumpsuit. The jumpsuits were introduced as a fashion set in the late 1930’s  by Coco Chanel’s competitor, Elsa Schiaparelli. Although, they were not worn by very many, but it was talked about by many. Collections inspired by the then impending war, were also made by her. These included a women’s jumpsuit cut from green silk, featuring large front pockets.

One of Elsa Schiaparelli”s Jumpsuit

While these designs were met with positive reactions, luxury jumpsuits were put on hold as the war began (Second World War). Women in the 1940’s stepped up to work as men were fighting overseas.

Jumpsuits were brought back in 1960’s and 70’s, and also ruled the music industry, worn by both men and women.They were actually great for the ladies as the flowing cuts aided the ease of movement of and still had an appearance of a dress. However, it lost favor in the coming decades but came to spotlight again in the late 2000’s.  In this important time of women’s liberation, Jumpsuits are made more like the power suits of the day.

Okay, so what category does this outfit fall into? Where would it be appropriate to have a jumpsuit on?. These are the questions probably running through your mind now.

 Jumpsuits made with plain materials (fabrics) are statement pieces, and are perfect if you want that perfect formal look. A denim jumpsuit will mostly appear casual.

A Formal Jumpsuit
A Denim Jumpsuit

Chiffon jumpsuits on the other hand should be paired with heels and portable bags. The chiffon jumpsuits outfit are great for dinners, dates and other classy events. Basically all evening events.

A Chiffon Jumpsuit.

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References Liller, S. (24 June 2020)._The History Of The Jumpsuits._


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