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The Nigerian Traditional wear – Agbada

There are many opinions as to where this attire originated from or what ethnic group it traditionally belongs to. However, there is no doubt that this attire has warmed its way up to being, not only a classy reputable wear, but a must have for special events, especially in the south western part and northern part of Nigeria.

Agbada, in the south western part of Nigeria is an attire put on by royals, dignitaries and chiefs of the Yoruba tribe. Referred to as  Babban-Riga by the Hausa people of Northern Nigeria, the clothing is believed to have  originated from the style of the then trans-Saharan traders who wore a look like robe in order to shield themselves, from the harsh temperature of the sun during the day and the snow-like temperature at night, while going across the Sahara Desert.  This attire is now a major fashion trend among stylish young men of the Yoruba tribe who refer to themselves as ‘Yoruba demons’ and stylish ‘Arewa guys’ of the Hausa tribe. and has seen an adoption by the eastern part of the country.

Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo Rocking an Agbada

In modern times, the Agbada style portrays elegance, class and is worn especially during the popular ‘Owambe’ ceremonies ranging from weddings to birthday parties and funerals. It is usually designed with intricate embroidery.

For men this attire can be styled perfectly with a well-polished leather shoe, suede loafer or a pair of sandals. Among women who have recently adopted this classy dress, the Agbada is best worn with a nice heel to suit.

The full Agbada attire is a three piece clothing which includes: A pair of trousers (sokoto or soro) in Yoruba, a long-sleeved or short sleeved shirt (Buba), and a wide neck embroidered sleeveless gown worn over. These three pieces were usually made with the same fabrics and the same colour until recently, when modern designers started creating brilliant styles. Today there are numerous alternating ways the dress is styled.

The Ebuka Agbada that broke the Internet


An unfading trend is folding or wrapping the sleeves over your shoulders. This activates a slimmer and classy look. This folding of the cloth is followed with a funny chant, 1000, 500 -The  first and second highest denominations of Naira, The currency spent in Nigeria. ( Implying a wealthy individual).

So don’t be surprised if you are at an occasion this weekend and you see a lot of people rocking this attire. You should get in on the feel.

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