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Tips for staying healthy as a fashion designer

Without fashion designers, the world of fashion would not have grown to its present stage.
The work put in by designers in making creative pieces and outfits from start to finish is a lot of hard work.

A fashion designer can work round the clock to create great and inspiring styles for us_the fashion lovers. Unfortunately, some do this to the detriment of their health.

As a fashion designer, your Topmost priority is to be healthy and fit before proceeding to make an outfit. Your productivity as a fashion designer is dependent on your health.

Fashion designers need to take care of themselves. Here are some healthy tips for fashion designers.

Protect your eyes

The eyes are a very important organ of the body as it gives sight. Not taking care of your eyes as a fashion designer can lead to severe damage. It’s important to avoid working in dim lights and eating lots of foods rich in vitamins. The eye is no doubt very important to a fashion designer.

Maintain a good sewing posture

Most fashion designers think this is not important but it is as research has linked bad sitting positions to several health problems.
Sewing can be a lengthy process as it involves continuous, repetitive tasks like cutting, pressing, and finishing. And you need to do this with the right postures.

Maintain good posture when sewing by keeping your back straight. You shouldn’t be hunching forward or raising your shoulders to work.

A good sewing posture can save you from joint pains, waist pains, and back pains and relieve stress on the waist, back, neck, and spine.

Rest at intervals

For a fashion designer rest is important and you can do so by breaking up prolonged sitting positions.
Always stand up from your sewing machine and take stretches every 45 minutes to 1 hour of non-stop sewing.

It is also important to take a short break or long break after months of intense slowing.
Learn how to pamper yourself as a designer. Go for trips, and vacations and do other fun activities that would help relax the mind. These strategies should be taken if you want to improve your health and productivity.

Eat good food.

It is important to eat good food as a designer to get the strength and nutrients that are needed to stay healthy.
Food rich in vitamins and minerals is helpful to a designer’s body.
It is also important to take more bodybuilding food and energy-giving food.

Exercise regularly.

Exercising regularly stretches the joints and keeps designers fit. Exercise is also found to be a relief and is encouraged.Try taking a jog or going to keep fit at the gym regularly.


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